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Pangea Audio Adds to Vulcan Audio Furniture Selection with New LP Storage and 3-shelf Audio Racks

Now shipping: the Vulcan LP Storage Rack with a top shelf for turntable placement and a Vulcan three-shelf rack for smaller systems.

Now shipping: the Vulcan LP Storage Rack with a top shelf for turntable placement and a Vulcan three-shelf rack for smaller systems.

Both products represent the current apex in home audio furniture design, illustrating how heavy duty, aesthetically pleasing audio furniture can be offered at significant savings over competing designs.

“Pangea Audio’s Vulcan furniture consistently receive rave reviews from customers and the press because they are delivered exactly as promised: solid and sturdy, with smart designs and an attention to detail that results in years of reliability,” said Steve Niemi, Director of Global Sales, Pangea Audio Distributing. “True to form, each of the new models serves a specific purpose with equal emphasis on industrial design and aesthetics.”

Pangea Audio Vulcan LP Storage Rack
Building on the sleek, rugged design of Pangea Audio’s Vulcan audio furniture, the new Vulcan LP Rack, available in four colors, stores 200 LPs (100 LPs x 2 shelves) with a heavyweight top platform to support all but the largest turntables on the market. (Maximum turntable weight is 90 lbs.) Pangea Audio offers a wide selection of shelves, caster, and drawers to simplify customization according to each customer’s needs.

Measuring 33.5” H x 23.75” W x 18” D, the Vulcan LP Rack is built to hold up to 160 lbs. worth of records. Pangea Audio incorporates its X-brace to add strength and rigidity to the frame. As records are added, the X-brace tightens, increasing strength in tandem with weight. The top turntable platform is 0.75” thick and supports more weight than standard Vulcan turntable shelves.

Pangea Audio Vulcan 3-shelf Rack
Smaller systems deserve the same strength and rugged design as their larger counterparts. To this end, Pangea Audio’s Vulcan 3-shelf Rack features all the benefits of the popular 4-shelf rack, including a modular design for adding optional shelves, feet, drawers, and support tubes.

The three-shelf rack features steel support tubes connected by threaded rods, creating a strong, ultra-rigid rack that can be assembled in minutes. Up to three additional shelves can be added as equipment needs evolve. (Pangea Audio’s extra shelf kits and assorted replacement post kits are available at an additional charge.)