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Vincent Audio - SP-331MK Hybrid Power Amplifier

"So Much Pleasure for Such a Modest Price"
Step up to the new Vincent SP-331MK hybrid design vacuum tube/solid-state power amplifier. Its stellar performance shoots far above the already celebrated SP-331 by offering pure 'Class A' output for the first 10 watts. You won't believe the pristine quality of the sound.

The combination of a vacuum tube input stage and solid-state output stage gives you the best of the classic Golden Age richness that only tubes deliver. It also delivers the power, control, and reliability associated with solid-state electronics.

The words 'no-nonsense' and 'luxurious' usually don't go together, but the Vincent SP-331MK is a rule breaker. Thanks to German engineering, the look and sound are clean as a whistle. And the price is far less than you would expect to pay for a component of this high quality.

"One of the Best We've Ever Heard"
The Vincent SP-331 Mk II won an "Editors' Choice Award" 2012 from The Absolute Sound magazine, which called it "one of the best-sounding affordable power amplifiers we've yet heard… It combines the harmonic richness and subtlety of fine tube designs – especially through the midrange – with the low-frequency power, control, and agility of a good solid-state amplifier."

"For the Money, This is Unbelievable"
In his joint review of the Vincent SP-331 MK preamp and SA-31 MK amp for the December 2010 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine, Wayne Garcia reports, "With small ensembles or large, the amp and preamp convincingly recreate the atmosphere of the venue with a tightly locked focus on all instruments." He goes on to praise the Vincents for delivering "so much pleasure for such a relatively modest price."

"For the money this is an unbelievable amplifier," says Maarten van Casteren in his June 2008 review for England's TNTaudio.com. "There's a definite valve sweetness and warmth to it, combined with genuine power, excellent control, and very good resolution. It has a warm and generous personality that doesn't dominate the sound. Very highly recommended."

Three Tubes Plus 24 Output Transistors
The SP-331MK offers one more tube than the SP-331, boasting two 6N16s and one 12AU7 for 'Class A' output. Twelve Toshiba output transistors per channel complement the huge 1,000-watt power transformer with 80,000 mF capacitance per channel. All of this muscle provides a potent 150-watts RMS at 8 ohms or a full 300-watts RMS at 4 ohms.

The SP-331MK gives you one pair of RCA inputs and two pairs of high-quality speaker binding posts with a Speaker A+B function.

Editors' Choice Award Winner 2013 - The Absolute Sound Magazine

Listed in The Absolute Sound 2012 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide

Technical Specifications

  • Vacuum Tube Input Stage, Solid State Output Stage
  • Operates in Pure 'Class A' for the First 10 Watts
  • Precision-Designed Oversize Toroidal Power Supply
  • Two Pairs of High-Quality Speaker Binding Posts
  • Speaker A+B Function
  • Tubes: 2 x 6N16, 1 x 12AU7
  • Inputs: 2 x RCA
  • Outputs: 4 x 2 Speaker Terminal (A & B)
  • Finish: black or silver