Record Doctor - V - Record Cleaning Machine

Hear the Music You've Been Missing!
Vacuum cleaning your records with the Record Doctor V is the best way to get dirt, dust, and grime out of the grooves and let you hear the music you've been missing. The Record Doctor brings a number of benefits to LP listening. It improves the sound quality, helps your records maintain their value, and helps extend the life of your LPs.

Cleaner records sound better than dirty records. With a clean LP, your record stylus reproduces the music the way the artist intended it to sound – instead of plaguing you with clicks, pops, surface noise, and distortion.

The Sonic Benefits Were Noticeable
"Overall, the Record Doctor performed even better than I expected it to. And the sonic benefits were also noticeable – smooth sound minus the crackles, and it was goodbye to most ticks and pops thanks to less static," reports Julie Mullins inThe Absolute Sound magazine, Issue 274, July/August 2017.

"A worthy, easy-to-use accessory, the Record Doctor V is an effective, handy, and affordably priced cleaning system for vinyl aficionados who would rather allocate more budget dollars to other hi-fi gear – and to records, too (clean ones!)," Julie Mullins concludes.

Higher Value, Longer Lasting
It just makes sense that clean, well cared for records are worth more than dirty, poor sounding discs. Protect your valuable vinyl investment with the Record Doctor. Vinyl discs can become so dirty that they are virtually unplayable. According to Gerald L. Gibson, Head of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress, 1991, "Dust can become embedded permanently into the disc's grooves, causing distortion of the transmitting signal, ticks, pops, and inferior sound quality."

So if you enjoy listening to vinyl, you can hardly afford not to get a Record Doctor vacuum-powered record cleaner. It not only cleans your records, but it can also help prolong their life by keeping them free of dust, dirt, and grime.

"I think this compact all-in-one box is the way to go," reports Michael Fremer in his review for November 27, 2013. "I highly recommend the Record Doctor V to any serious vinyl fan who's been without a vacuum machine."

Quick, Easy, and Safe to Use
Record Doctor is so quick and easy to use, it only takes a minute or so to clean both sides of an LP.

With its plush record cleaning 'brush', soft sweeper strips, and specially formulated record cleaning fluid, Record Doctor is safe for all of your LPs. And Record Doctor RxLP cleaning solution is a non-alcohol industrial-grade cleaner safe for all vinyl records.

How Often Should You Clean?
"It is recommended that discs be cleaned before – and after – each playback," notes Gerald L. Gibson, Head of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress, 1991.

Clean the records you already own plus any used LPs you find. But you need to clean brand new records, too, because LPs come from the factory with dust and extraneous bits of vinyl in the grooves.

Here's How We Kept the Price So Low
We've made the Record Doctor for twelve years. During that time, three different companies provided the Record Doctor's wood cabinet for us, and the price of the wood cabinet kept going up, and up, and up. First, it went up 25%. Then 50%. Then 100%. When the last cabinet maker folded, our cost of the wood cabinet through another maker was quoted with another 120% increase.

We were about to toss in the towel on the whole thing, rather than raising the price again. Then we got a tip on a brand new source that would provide the wood cabinet at such a low price, that it resulted in a $100 savings which we pass on to you!

Turn Your Records By Hand and Save a Handful of Cash
The vacuum powered Record Doctor is the most highly recommended low-price record cleaning machine in the world. Stereophile Magazine calls the Record Doctor, "the least expensive way to effectively clean records."

Record Doctor V features the same vacuum motor and vacuum cleaning strip as much more expensive machines, but it does not have the expensive motor that turns records for you. So, turn the records by hand, and save a handful of cash!

The Record Doctor V features a precision roller bearing to make records spin easily, and a handy storage tank for the easy removal of spent record cleaning fluids. The Record Doctor V comes complete with a 4 oz fluid applicator bottle, applicator brush, and illustrated cleaning instructions.

Technical Specifications

  • Cleans dust, dirt, and grime from record grooves 
  • A clean LP lets you hear the music you've been missing 
  • Helps prolong the life of your LPs and maintain their value 
  • Powerful high-performance vacuum motor 
  • Manual operation – turn your records by hand and save! 
  • Vinyl-protecting felt cleaning strips 
  • Hand record turner 
  • Roller bearing 
  • 6 ft power cord with US-style wall plug
  • 120-volt