Pangea Audio - HD23PC Premier SE HDMI Cable

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Recommended for the Very Best Blu-ray Players, Home Theater Processors, and More
Pangea Audio's HD23PC Premier SE HDMI cable features the highest purity 6% silver-plated Cardas Grade One Copper for the vital signal conductors and is intended for best performance with high-resolution signals. This design makes the cable a must-have for audiophiles transmitting high-resolution audio files over HDMI as well, as well as for video fans who want the absolute best sound possible from their high-end home theater processors.

We strongly recommend Premier SE HDMI for anyone who owns the very best Blu-ray players – especially the Oppo BDP-105 and new Oppo UDP-205 4K machines. This cable is perfect for all 4K applications since it delivers the best signal with the lowest loss in both short and longer HDMI cable runs.

Why Pangea HDMI Cables Produce Such Vivid Images and Sound Amazing
HDMI cable performance varies wildly due to two factors: the raw materials and how they are employed. It's one thing to use fine materials. However, if they are not manufactured correctly the resulting cable will not be of uniform impedance and will betray signal loss even in short lengths. Premier SE HDMI starts with the finest available copper – the incredible Cardas Grade One Copper – and insulates it with premium Nitrogen-Injected Polyethylene Multi-Layer Foam. This special insulation is crucial because it provides significantly lower signal loss than lesser materials.

Pangea HDMI cables are manufactured using state-of-the-art Swiss-made production equipment that is rarely used in commercial products. The accuracy of this Swiss equipment insures that all the signal pairs within the cable are exactly the same length - even with the twisting necessary - so that all signals arrive simultaneously at the connector.

All testing of Pangea HDMI cables is done by Time Domain Reflectometry instruments to ensure cables do not suffer from timing errors regardless of cable length.

Affordable Excellence in Hi-End HDMI Cable Performance
Pangea's Premier SE HDMI cable makes premium performance highly affordable. It uses superior materials and an approach based on substantial research, development, and expert insights, providing benefits that you can see hear and see.

Premier SE was designed by Jay Victor, one of the biggest behind-the-scenes product designers in the audiophile world and a longstanding expert on cable technology. Jay designed Pangea Audio Premier HDMI cables using high-quality 24 AWG conductors in the shorter length cables (0.6M to 3.0M) to keep the cable as flexible as possible. In lengths of 4.0M and longer, Premier boasts robust 23 AWG conductors – the largest gauge signal conductor commercially available for HDMI.

In the case of HDMI, the heavier gauge results in better signal conductivity in longer runs. All cables lose signal strength and information as they transmit electrical signals, but Premier HDMI cables exhibit much lower signal loss than HDMI cables costing far more.

Premium Silver-Coated Cardas Grade One Copper Signal Conductor
Pangea Premier SE HDMI cable uses no-compromise Cardas Grade One Copper, which George Cardas of Cardas Audio developed for his own premium cables.

George’s copper is mined in Arizona, then shipped to a New England factory where it is very S-L-O-W-L-Y drawn into conductors in a process that includes reduction annealing between steps to further purify and meld the copper into what George calls "the most amazing audio conductor I have ever experienced. It is quite simply the best copper on the planet."

Jay has the Cardas Grade One Copper wire shipped to a second factory, where the wire is plated with a 6% pure silver coating. "I have found silver plating is crucial to digital cable performance," reports Jay, "and I use it in all my digital audio designs."

Premier HDMI is a perfect match for today's ultra hi-res video systems. It meets HDMI 1.4, 4K certification and is certified for "High Speed" applications. The tough nylon braided jacket is both strong and flexible.

Technical Specifications

  • Highest purity 6% Silver-plated Cardas Grade One Copper conductors
  • 24 AWG conductors in the shorter length cables (0.6M to 3.0M) for maximum flexibility
  • Industry-leading 23 AWG conductors in longer lengths (4.0M and above)
  • Premium Nitrogen-Injected Polyethylene Multi-Layer Foam dielectric
  • Certified HDMI 1.4, 4K (see specs)
  • Meets RGB4:4:4 in 8 bits (see specs)
  • Tough nylon braided jacket (0.6-3.0M lengths)
  • Manufactured using state-of-the-art Swiss-made production equipment
  • All testing of Pangea HDMI cables is done by Time Domain Reflectometry instruments to insure cables do not suffer from timing errors regardless of cable length
  • Meets RGB4:4:4 in 8 bits (4K@24 Hz, 4K@25 Hz, 4K@30 Hz)
  • HDMI cable less than 3.0M is 24 AWG; the maximum cable length with HDMI certification is 6.1M
  • HDMI cable between 4.0M to 15M is 23 AWG; the maximum cable length with HDMI certification is 7.66M