Pangea Audio - DS-100 Speaker Stand

Slim, Trim, Single-Pillar Pangea Audio DS100 All-Steel Speaker Stand for Bookshelf Speakers, Compact Monitors, and More
Our customers have been telling us how much they like the look and the performance of Pangea Audio’s four-pillar DS400 speaker stand. But they asked for a stand that was less heavy-duty and that complemented a bookshelf speaker.

We passed these comments along to the folks at Pangea, and before we knew it they came back at us with the brand new DS100. This slim and trim stand offers a solid, rigid base for compact monitors and other bookshelf-type speakers. And it’s available in five heights. The design is what you would expect from Pangea with an extremely high build quality and performance-enhancing features.

The Speaker Stand’s Mission
Inside a conventional loudspeaker are piston-type drivers that move back and forth to generate sound waves in the air. Most modern speaker cabinets have been engineered to rigidly hold the drivers while adding minimal vibration (coloration) to their sound.

Larger, floor-standing speaker cabinets can absorb a lot of this vibration energy. Any excess energy is transmitted by steel spikes into the floor. Smaller cabinets are unable to absorb all this excess energy and require a speaker stand to transfer this excess energy into the floor.

Why Steel Instead of Wood?
The DS100 speaker stand boasts an all-steel design that is far superior to speaker stands made of wood, like most stands on the market today. Most manufacturers make their speaker stands out of wood because it’s inexpensive and easy to work with. But wood is a very poor material for speaker stands. Wood has poor acoustic properties because it absorbs and stores vibration energy before slowly releases it and muddying the sound coming from the speakers.

Although expensive, steel is a far better material for speaker stands. Steel doesn’t ‘hang onto’ energy like wood. Instead, it releases vibration very quickly. A well-designed all-steel stand like the DS100 solidly supports your speaker improving image focus, reducing mid-range coloration, and tightening the bass performance.

The Hardware Makes A Huge Difference
The DS100 speaker stand resembles its big brother, the DS400, but it has a single strong support pillar instead of four. Like the DS400, it uses heavy-duty, large-diameter stainless steel bolts to rigidly couple the pillar to the base plate. It also uses the same extra heavy-duty, 3mm-thick, 9.75" by 12" bottom plate as the DS400, which is 3mm thick with welded channels to support the steel speaker spikes.

Pangea includes a cable management feature that lets you hide your speaker cable in the pillar of the DS100. The stands come with plugs, so you can plug the holes if you want to fill the pillar with sand or steel shot for added resonance control.

The Pangea Audio DS100 features a 6" wide by 6.0" deep steel top plate to match a wide range of bookshelf speakers or compact monitors. The DS100 comes complete with adjustable carpet-piercing bottom spikes and is available in five heights – 20", 24", 28", 32" or 36".

Technical Specifications

  • Heavy-duty all steel design
  • Rigid rectangular support pillar (sand fillable)
  • Cable management feature hides speaker cable in pillar
  • 6".0 wide x 6.0" deep steel top plate
  • 9.75" wide by 12.0" deep and 3mm-thick base plate
  • Oversize solid metal bolts rigidly couple the support columns to the base
  • Adjustable carpet-piercing bottom spikes
  • Four soft rubberized top pads for speaker isolation

  • Available in five heights: 20", 24", 28", 32" or 36"
  • All speaker stands are priced & sold as pairs
  • Top plate: 6".0 wide x 6.0" deep
  • Bottom plate: 9.75" wide by 12.0" deep and 3mm-thick

Gross Weight/Net Weight per pair
20”    GW 21lb/NW 19lb
24”    GW 24lb/NW 23lb
28”    GW 24lb/NW 23lb
32”    GW 25lb/NW 23lb
36”    GW 27lb/NW 24lb