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Vincent Audio SV-737 Integrated Amplifier (Black)

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"Powerful Beast of an Integrated" with Built-in 24/192 DAC

Vincent's new SV-737 flagship integrated amplifier is a technically-advanced hybrid tube and solid state stereo design with built-in D/A converter plus wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi. It supports streaming and can play music files stored on a NAS drive. The onboard DAC is a Texas Instruments PCM5102 offering file playback up to 24-bit, 192 kHz.

"It's a powerful beast of an integrated that can probably drive just about any loudspeaker," reports Ken Micallef in his Stereophile review for July 1, 2021. "Its best traits were its see-through, near-rich midrange and generous, tight low end that added a little warmth to most music—plus, it comes with a more-than-solid, detailed, musical DAC. The SV-737 pushed my happy buttons whether I was listening to black discs or digital sources."

Standard-Setting Circuitry

The SV-737 sets new standards with its circuitry. The preamplifier and power amplifier sections have been matched perfectly to one other, working effortlessly together to achieve maximum transparency and full-frequency wideband audio output. The SV-737 is always ear-friendly with an impressive dynamic range and plenty of power to make your music come alive as never before.

Both the preamplifier and amplifier sections of the SV-737 are recent developments from Vincent's audio engineers. For the tube-based preamplifier section, it borrows the basic principle of two gain blocks with integrated defeatable tone controls from Vincent's highly regarded SA-T7 preamplifier.

Connectivity consists of six stereo RCA inputs, two optical inputs, two coaxial inputs, and a Stereo Main input. Outputs are one Stereo Pre-Out, one Stereo Rec Out, and two pairs of speaker binding posts. There is also a front-panel headphone jack. Additionally, there are two 3.5 mm 12V trigger jacks, a jack for the included WiFi antenna, and a jack for the included Bluetooth antenna.

Breakthrough Preamplifier with Two Double Triodes per Channel

In contrast to Vincent's SV-237MK integrated amplifier, an additional tube section has been provided for each channel, so that two double triodes per channel with a total of four sections are employed.

The voltage amplification is provided by the 6N2P-EV tube, manufactured according to military specifications. It has a characteristic curve that is similar to the well-known ECC83 or 12AX7, yet it is more linear for even greater fidelity to the source material. In addition, the 6N2P-EV has particularly low-microphonics and extremely low overall noise. With its high-current cathodes, the 6N1P tube takes over the function of the driver and buffer stage in a proven, time-tested manner.

Also from Vincent's SA-T7 stand-alone preamp, extremely reliable high voltage power regulation for the tube amplifier has been adopted with the voltage reference tube 85A2. Originally developed for professional measurement technology, the 85A2 provides a low-noise and almost hum-free supply voltage in combination with a semiconductor regulator.

Enhanced Power Amplifier Section

The SV-737's power amplifier is based on the SV-237MK integrated amp, but some important details have been further developed and enhanced. For example, the input cascode circuitry has been optimized to ensure even better transient response of the output stage at complex loads. Additionally, the output power has also been increased. Working in combination with the tube preamplifier, the power amplifier stage produces an audio spectrum similar to that of very good single-ended triode amplifiers, but at a much higher level of performance and purity.

Separable Preamp and Power Amp Use

Although the preamplifier and amplifier are carefully designed to complement one another, the connection between them can be disconnected externally, if, for example, you might wish to insert an external DSP between them for room correction. Due to the output impedance of the tube preamplifier, which is significantly reduced compared to the SV-237MK, it can provide a neutral sound when driving common connection cables and input impedances, such as when using a DSP. You may also wish to split the two sections if you decide to use an external power amp or preamp.

Defeatable Tone Controls and Other Features

Separate tone controls for bass and treble let you tailor the sound exactly as you like it. You can also defeat the tone control by pushing a button on the front panel, which causes the audio signal to bypass the tone control circuitry.

For private listening, the SV-737 includes a high quality headphone output. Use the front panel volume control to adjust listening levels.

A wireless remote comes standard with the SV-737, as does an IEC-type AC power cord.

Streaming with the SV-737

For Bluetooth streaming, select the Bluetooth input on the SV-737 and activate the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone, tablet or computer and search it for new Bluetooth devices. You will find the SV-737 under the name "Vincent." Choose "Vincent" und start the connection, using your device to select the music you wish to hear through the SV-737.

For WiFi streaming, download the Muzo-Player from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Select the WiFi input on your SV-737. Then follow the Muzo-Player instructions for connecting and streaming music.

Technical Specifications

  • Hybrid tube integrated amplifier
  • Built-in DAC
  • Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi for streaming
  • Able to stream music from NAS drive
  • Texas Instruments PCM5102 DAC with up to 24-bit, 192 kHz playback
  • Defeatable tone controls
  • Front panel headphone jack
  • Preamp output and power amp input jacks
  • Tube Complement: 2 x 6N1P, 2 x 6N2P, 1 x 85A2
  • Two double triodes per channel in the preamp section
  • Playable Digital Formats: WAV, FLAC, APE, LPCM, MP3, ACC, AC3, WMA
  • Wireless remote control
  • Color: Black or silver finish
  • Inputs: 6 x Stereo RCA, 2 x Optical, 2 x Coaxial, 1 x Stereo Main In
  • Outputs: 1 x Stereo Pre Out, 1 x Stereo Rec Out, 1 x front panel headphone jack, 2 x speaker binding post pairs
  • 2 x 3.5 mm 12V trigger jacks
  • Connection for included WiFi antenna
  • Connection for included Bluetooth antenna
  • IEC-type power cord input
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.3 dB, 20 Hz - 50 kHz +/- 1 dB
  • Nominal Output Power RMS / 8 Ohm: 2 x 180 Watt
  • Nominal Output Power RMS / 4 Ohm: 2 x 300 Watt
  • Nominal Output Power Class A / 8 Ohm: 2 x 10 Watt
  • Harmonic Distortion: < 0.02 %
  • Input Sensitivity: 300 mV
  • Signal-Noise Ratio: > 90 dB
  • Input Impedance: 47 kOhm
  • Max. Power Consumption: 590 Watt