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Vincent Audio - SV-700 - Integrated Amplifier (Silver)

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Sonic Accuracy and Excitement

In audiophile circles, the name "Vincent Audio" is closely associated with hybrid hi-fi components that use both vacuum tube and solid state circuitry. The reason why Vincent is identified with hybrid gear is because Vincent does it so well. The German-based company is constantly evolving new technology and refining existing designs for better and better sounding hi-fi gear. The new SV-700 hybrid integrated amplifier is based on many years of engineering experience.

The best of both worlds is provided in terms of sound quality. Warm and smooth tube sound combines with transistor dynamics and power. The SV-700 delivers muscular performance on a huge scale when needed, but it is equally expert at creating a delicate sonic experiences. Two maxims guided the design of this highly versatile amplifier: sonic accuracy and excitement. Listen for yourself and you will discover that you can have both of these.

Symmetrical Dual Mono Design

In order to minimize crosstalk and achieve very low levels of distortion, Vincent decided upon a symmetrical dual mono design. In the preamp section, three tubes per channel (1 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7) operate in SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push-Pull) mode for precise bass and enhanced performance in the midrange and high frequencies.

The SV-700's 500-watt power supply uses a toroidal transformer with Panasonic capacitors that are able to provide instantaneous high current on demanded for musical peaks. Final amplification is provided in either Class A or AB operation via powerful Toshiba transistors. These work without any negative feedbacks in order to preserve the characteristic features of tube sound. A front panel button lets you choose either Class A (with 50-watt-per-channel output at 8 ohms) or Class AB operation (providing 100-watt-per-channel output at 8 ohms or 200-watts-per-channel at 4 ohms). You can switch between Class A and Class AB while the music is playing.

A Full Complement of Connections

The SV-700 is supplied with a full complement of connections for accommodating sound sources. Included are four analog inputs consisting of three unbalanced RCA pairs and one balanced XLR pair. For connecting recording devices and external amplifiers, there is one REC output RCA pair and PRE output RCA pair. You also get two pairs of speaker outputs and switchable Speaker A/B operation.

On the digital side, the SV-700 provides one coaxial digital input and one optical digital input. An internal DAC offers CD-quality sound.

For operational convenience, the SV-700 includes a wireless remote control made of beautiful and nice-to-the-touch aluminum. The SV-700's elegant full-aluminum chassis with enormous cooling fins gives a visual impression of the power and grace of this powerful integrated amp.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 0.5 dB
  • Nominal Output Power Class A at 8Ω: 2 x 50 W (RMS)
  • Nominal Output Power Class AB at 8Ω: 2 x 100 W
  • Nominal Output Power Class AB at 4Ω: 2 x 200 W
  • Power consumption: 350 Watt (Class A mode), 150 Watt (Class AB mode)
  • Input sensitivity: 350 mV
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.1% (1 kHz, 1 W)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: > 95 dB
  • Input Impedance: 47 kΩ
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 17" wide x 7.6" high x 17" deep
  • Weight: 53 lbs.