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Vincent Audio - SP-T700 - Mono Hybrid Amplifier (Black)


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Groundbreaking Hybrid Tube Design with Exceptionally Long-Life Tubes

The Vincent SP-T700 hybrid design monoblock power amplifier is characterized by excellent reproduction qualities that remain constant over the entire frequency range and load range – and it boasts a superior power reserve, too. A completely new amplifier approach was developed for the SP-T700, exploiting the respective advantages of tubes and transistors in an innovative manner, combining them to create a harmonious whole. The groundbreaking circuitry that directly couples tubes to the output transistors for amplification was designed by internationally acclaimed engineer and designer Frank Blöhbaum.

A Weight-lifting Ballet Dancer

The SP-T700 does difficult things very well in order to make your music both thrilling and true to life. A power amp needs to be like a ballet dancer, lifting heavy weights while turning pirouettes. It isn't an easy task. Modern loudspeaker design places high demands on a power amplifier. Small bass diaphragms are frequently used, and this results in a lower degree of efficiency. At the same time, attempts are made to tease the maximum of bass out of small cabinets with complex filter systems. The resulting impedances, which Vincent describes as "often rather hair-raising," require powerful, highly capable amplifiers with very high stability.

Newly Developed Hybrid Circuitry

Subtle reproduction of voices and acoustic instruments, plus the strength and punch of a huge rock stage – the SP-T700 is an exceptional power amplifier that meets these contradictory requirements with ease. This is only possible thanks to the combination of the best of two hi-fi worlds: state-of-the-art vacuum tube technology plus a transistor output stage – resulting in inspiring sound, strength and comprehensive speaker control.

In the SP-T700, the tube and transistor circuitry aren't being coupled together in the typical manner. Quite the contrary. A globally unique and newly developed tube amplifier section receives the music signals and amplifies them with the highest of purity and clarity. The transistor power amplifier section controlled by this tube stage delivers just the right amount of current to actuate even difficult loudspeakers with ease.

The circuit principle of the tube amplifier used here relies upon a directly coupled "trans-conductance" amplifier with highly constant current and voltage conditions for the amplifier valve. The result of this innovative approach is very high voltage amplification with high linearity and broad bandwidth. A highly linear driver stage, created using the 6SCH9P frame grid pentode tube, ensures smooth actuation of the transistor buffer.

The vacuum tube complement of the SP-T700 consists of one 6S3P-EV, one 6SCH9P, and one 6Z4.

Highly Developed and Refined Power Supply

The novel, state of the art vacuum tube circuit technology used for the first time in the SP-T700, enables a transmission behavior that is controlled only by this highly linear valve amplifier. The outcome is a power amplifier with high power reserves whose excellent reproduction characteristics remain constant over the complete frequency range and load range.

The circuit structure of an amplifier is decisive. The actual implementation is, too. In order to fully exploit the advantages of the novel amplifier concept in the SP-T700, Vincent went all out with a highy developed and refined power supply. The power supply for the valve stage is rectified with a 6Z4 and then electronically controlled and smoothed. The transistor buffer is based on a high-performance power supply unit, comprising an over-dimensioned toroidal transformer and switching-stable electrolytic capacitors.

The tubes are 100% selected frame grid tubes from the military sector, designed for a minimum service life of 10,000 hours (in comparison: just 500 hours are guaranteed for an ECC83). The fully automated monitoring provided by the SP-T700 also contributes to a very long life for these tubes.

Made in Germany

Critical circuit boards used in this component, including the patent pending Vimala circuitry, are assembled and hand-tested in Germany by designer Frank Blöhbaum. No one else has access to this proprietary circuitry, which is a Vincent Audio excusive. Final assembly and testing are also conducted by Frank Blöhbaum in order to maintain the highest possible level of quality in the finished product.

Note: Two amplifiers are required for stereo operation

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Nominal output power RMS / 4 Ohm: 300 Watt, RMS 8 Ohm: 150 Watt, Class A/8 Ohm: 10 Watt
  • Harmonic distortion: < 0.01 % (1 kHz, 1 Watt); <0.1% (1kHz, 25 Watt)
  • Input sensitivity: 1 Volt (for 25 Watt RMS at 4 Ohm)
  • Signal-noise ratio: > 90 dB
  • Input impedance: > 22 kOhm
  • Dimensions: 8.26" wid ex 10.35" high x 15.7" deep
  • Weight: 35.2 lbs.