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Pangea Audio Vulcan Five Shelf Audio Rack (Black)

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Ultra-Rigid Five-Shelf Vulcan Audio Rack
Pangea Audio's Vulcan™ audio rack is so strong, stable, and rigid, that Pangea named it after the Roman god of fire, who was famous for his metal forging expertise. And as another famous Vulcan might well say, the Vulcan audio rack makes a "most logical" enhancement to your music system. This five-shelf version of the bestselling Vulcan rack gives you a huge amount of capacity and capability.

Not only is the Vulcan audio rack strong, it's also expandable. The ingenious design lets you add or subtract shelves as needed, for up to a total of six shelves. And Vulcan is jammed full of audiophile features that help coax the best performance from your AV gear. What more could you ask for? How about Vulcan's unexpectedly low price?

Positive Feedback Magazine Award Winner
Positive Feedback magazine honored the Vulcan with a Writer's Choice Award for 2017. Lamenting the general lack of affordable racks and stands for budget-conscious audiophiles, Steve Lefkowicz notes that "Pangea Audio has taken up the void with a very nice and effective set of racks and stands at very reasonable prices."

According to Steve's review in Positive Feedback, "I used two of these racks in my exhibit at the LA Audio… and they both played great even with the powerful bass of the big Tekton Double Impacts. I added an extra shelf to one and a taller 10-inch extension to one shelf for a total price of just $280 for both racks."

Super Strong and Easily Expandable
Vulcan is beautifully engineered. Its design features steel support tubes connected by threaded rods, creating a super strong and ultra-rigid rack you can assemble in minutes without the need to dip into your toolbox.

You can conveniently add or remove shelves for as many as six shelves in all as your equipment needs change. One user said about the design that adding shelves was as easy as changing a light bulb. Just flip the Vulcan upside down to add shelves from the bottom.

Holds a System's Worth of Components
The Vulcan rack holds a system's worth of electronic components, boasting five generously sized 23.75" wide, 18" deep, and 0.625"-thick shelves. The dense MDF shelves are wrapped in a special vinyl material that is very easy to clean and resists scratching, scuffing, and most liquids. The front and sides of the shelves are contoured for a streamlined look.

The five-shelf Vulcan rack supports up to 75 lbs. per shelf for a total of 350 lbs. total capacity per rack. The height between shelves is 8.75" above the lower shelf and 7.25" between the top shelves. The width between shelf supports is 19.4".

Open-Air Design is Best for Your Gear
The open-air design is best for your electronics. The design maximizes component ventilation and makes it easy to install or remove gear. The four steel support tubes feature scratch-resistant and resonance-resistant black sand powder coat paint.

Innovative Cone Point Feet and Spike Design
Vulcan features innovatively designed cone point feet and spikes. The steel floor spikes go all the way through the cones and into the bottom shelf tubes for greater strength and better energy transfer from the rack into the floor. The tapered cones are made of a very durable polymer, which dampens vibrations between the steel floor spikes and the steel rack tubes. For customers with hard surface floors, the Vulcan Rack comes with a set of four Mini Sonic Saucers to protect the wood or tile finishes.

Options include an Add-A-Shelf Kit with 7" supports, extended-height 10" support tubes for tall gear, drawers, casters, and a matching Vulcan Amp Floor Stand.

Technical Specifications

  • Ultra-rigid 39.75″-tall five-shelf audio component rack
  • Generous-sized 24″ wide, 18″ deep, and 0.625″-thick shelves
  • Open-air design maximizes component ventilation and makes it easy to install/remove gear
  • Four steel support tubes feature scratch-resistant, resonance-resistant black powder-coat paint
  • Steel bolt-together design creates an easy-to-assemble ultra-rigid rack
  • Steel cone point feet have adjustable carpet-piercing spikes for easy leveling
  • Set of four Mini Sonic Saucers protects wood or tile floor finishes
  • Rack supports up to 75 lbs. (34 kg) per shelf and 350 lbs. (158 kg) total per rack
  • Height between shelves is 8.75″ above the lower shelf and 7.25″ between other shelves
  • Width between shelf supports is 19.4″
  • Dense MDF shelves are wrapped in a durable, easy-to-clean vinyl material that resists scratching and most liquids
  • Shelf fronts and sides are contoured for a streamlined look
  • Modular design allows you to customize your Vulcan rack with shelves, drawers, casters, and more