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Pangea Audio Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record Storage (Black)

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Rigidly Supports Your Turntable and Vinyl Records
Hot on the heels of the award-winning and best-selling Pangea Audio Vulcan audio component rack comes the Vulcan TT Turntable Stand with integrated vinyl record storage. This three-shelf stand provides a rigid, stable top-shelf platform to support turntables or other components. It also has a second component shelf for holding another piece of gear and a specially-designed bottom shelf to hold 100+ vinyl records.

With the recent resurgence of turntable and vinyl record sales, Pangea Audio saw the need for a stand designed to rigidly support both turntables and vinyl records. The problem with the current stands on the market was that they were either too expensive, too flimsy, or provided no vinyl record storage. To answer this need, Pangea Audio borrowed technology from its Vulcan audio rack series, which is famous for being rigid and stable, easy to assemble, and easy to expand, thanks to the unique modular design.

X-Braces Maximize Strength and Rigidity
Pangea Audio designers tested dozens of design prototypes. The challenge to this stand was the tall vinyl record storage shelf. Pangea wanted an open design that could support the weight of 100+ vinyl records, which can weigh up to 80 lbs. The solution was steel X-brace you see in the photos. The steel X-brace adds strength and rigidity to the stand, reduces lateral motion and minimizes vibrations. With the X-brace, as you add weight in the form of vinyl records, the X-brace tightens making the stand even stronger.

For solid turntable support, Pangea Audio included a heavy-duty top platform. At 19mm, this shelf is 25% thicker and supports 25% more weight than standard Vulcan shelves. At 23.75" wide by 18" deep, the top platform offers plenty of room for all but the largest, most expensive turntables on the market.

Easily Add or Subtract Shelves
After research, Pangea Audio designers determined that the 27.5" height was the optimal height for both stand rigidity and ease of use with a turntable. However, because of the clever modular design, you may add or subtract additional shelves as you like. You can even add an additional LP storage shelf for storing an additional 100+ vinyl records. Many customers find that adding or removing shelves is 'as easy as changing a light bulb.'

More Performance-Enhancing Features
At the bottom, the Vulcan TT features tapered cones and carpet-piercing spikes. This cone/spike combination rigidly holds the stand in place and prevents floor vibrations from influencing the turntable's performance. For customers with hard surface floors, the Vulcan TT comes with a set of four Mini Sonic Saucers to protect the wood or tile finishes.

The Vulcan TT stand is a steel bolt-together design that measures 27.5" tall, 23.75" wide by 18" deep. The premium 0.625"-thick MDF shelves feature a scratch-resistant and stain-resistant vinyl covering. The usable distance between shelves is 19.4" and the usable height above the middle shelf is 7.25". The top platform is rated for up to 90 lbs., the middle shelf is rated for up to 80 lbs., and the lower shelf holds up to 90 lbs. The total recommended stand storage weight capacity is 270 lbs

Extra Component Shelves and Vinyl Storage Shelves
Need an extra shelf or two for holding more components? Purchase optional Pangea Audio Add-A-Shelf Kits. If you need additional vinyl storage, buy an optional Pangea Audio Add-On-LP-Storage Kit. Both kits are simple to install.

Note: You can create any combination of regular and LP-Storage shelves that you like. However, we do not recommend combinations that are more than 42" tall. Total recommended rack storage weight capacity is 270 lbs (122 kg).

Technical Specifications

  • Strong, stable, rigid, three-shelf turntable stand
  • Extra Heavy Duty 19mm top platform supports your turntable
  • Component shelf for more audio gear
  • Vinyl-covered storage shelf holds 100+ LPs
  • Modular design lets you easily add or subtract shelves
  • Steel frame and premium 0.625"-thick MDF shelves
  • Steel bolt-together stand design
  • Very strong steel X-braces rigidly help support LP shelf
  • Attractive and durable scratch resistant vinyl shelf finishes
  • Tapered cone feet with carpet-piercing spikes
  • Set of four Mini Sonic Saucers protects wood or tile floor finishes
  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Optional Add-A-Shelf Kit is available for supporting additional components*
  • Optional Add-LP-Storage Kit is available for additional vinyl record storage*
  • Overall dimensions: 27.5" tall, 23.75" wide by 18" deep
  • Usable height between middle shelf and top shelf: 7.25"
  • Usable height between bottom shelf and middle shelf: 13.1"
  • Usable width between shelf supports (side-to-side) is 19.4"
  • Usable width between shelf supports (front-to-back) is 11"
  • Top platform is rated to support up to 90 lbs
  • Middle shelf is rated support up to 80 lbs.
  • Bottom shelf (vinyl record storage shelf) supports up to 90 lbs.
  • Total recommended stand storage weight capacity: 270 lbs. (122 kg)