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Pangea Audio LS300 Speaker Stand (32 Inch)

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All-Steel Speaker Stand for Superior Audiophile Performance
Helpful Hint: Research has shown that loudspeakers sound best when their tweeter is positioned at or slightly above the ear of the listener. A high-quality steel speaker stand like the Pangea Audio LS300 not only positions the speaker drivers at the best acoustic height but it also rigidly holds the speaker for optimal bass performance.

Why Steel Instead of Wood?
The Pangea Audio LS300 speaker stand boasts an all-steel design that is far superior to speaker stands made of wood, like most stands on the market today. Most manufacturers make their speaker stands out of wood because it’s inexpensive and easy to work with. But wood is a very poor material for speaker stands. Wood has poor acoustic properties because it absorbs and stores vibration energy before slowly releases it and muddying the sound coming from the speakers.

Although expensive, steel is a far better material for speaker stands. Steel doesn't 'hang onto' energy like wood. Instead, it releases vibration very quickly. A well-designed all-steel stand like the LS300 solidly supports your speaker improving image focus, reducing mid-range coloration, and tightening the bass performance.

The Right Hardware Makes a Huge Difference, Too
Nuts, bolts, spikes, and other hardware hold a stand together and make it perform optimally. Surveying the speaker stands available at several Asian audio shows, Pangea Audio engineers noticed a disturbing pattern. Many manufacturers were using similar columns and steel plates, but then coupling them with cheap hardware that undermined the performance of the assembled stand.

But one manufacturer at the audio show stood out from the others by offering premium hardware – including oversize solid metal bolts to rigidly couple the support columns to the base. "We use extra heavy hardware because it improves the speaker's bass performance," their engineer explained. With that, Pangea engineers knew they had found the right supplier for the LS300.

The Secret to The LS300’s Rigidity and Low Price
The triangular design is the secret to the LS300’s strength and low price. The triangle is one of nature’s strongest shapes. Which is why humans have been using triangles in architecture for thousands of years. The equilateral triangle – where all sides are equal and featured in the design of the LS300 stand – is the strongest triangular shape of all. Each stand has a maximum recommended speaker weight of 48 lbs/22 kg.

Pangea Audio's LS300 stand features three large-diameter steel support columns coupled to steel plates at the top and bottom to form a rigid triangular shape that offers an incredibly strong platform for improved speaker performance. One column has openings at the top and the bottom for hiding speaker cables. Two columns can be filled with sand or steel shot for even better vibration damping.

The Pangea Audio LS300 (24", 28", 32", and 36") features a 6" by 6" steel top plate to match a wide range of compact or monitor-type speakers, and the 20" features a 6"x9" top plate. All heights have an extra heavy-duty 9.75" by 12" bottom plate. The LS300 comes complete with adjustable carpet-piercing bottom spikes. Soft rubber-like top pads are supplied for speaker isolation.

Five Heights Available

The LS300 with a 6" by 6" steel top plate is available in four heights: 24", 28", 32", and 36".  The LS300 with a 6"x9" top plate comes in 20".

All speaker stands are priced & sold as pairs.

There is also an optional 6" x 9" top plate for use with larger bookshelf speakers, for sale separately.

Large 6x9 Top Plates for DS100-LS300

Technical Specifications

  • Ultra-strong all-steel speaker stand
  • Very rigid triangular shape with three support columns
  • Two columns can be filled with sand or steel shot
  • One column provides speaker cable management
  • 6" x 6" steel top plate (24", 28", 32", and 36")
  • 6" x 9" steel top plate (20")
  • Extra heavy duty 9.75" by 12" bottom plate
  • Maximum Recommended Speaker Weight: 48 lbs/22 kg (each)
  • Oversize solid metal bolts rigidly couple the support columns to the base
  • Adjustable carpet-piercing bottom spikes
  • Four soft top pads supplied for speaker isolation
  • Compatible with a wide range of compact or monitor-type speakers
  • Height options: 20", 24", 28", 32", or 36"
  • All speaker stands are priced & sold as pairs
  • Top plate: 6" x 6" (24", 28", 32", and 36") and 6" x 9" (20")
  • Bottom plate: 9.75" x 12"
  • Optional 6" x 9" top plate for sale separately (priced & sold in pairs)
           Large 6x9 Top Plates for DS100-LS300