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Pangea Audio Premier Ethernet Cable (3 Meter)

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The Ethernet Cable Designed for Audiophile Applications
If you are using a wired network connection for music or video streaming, or if your Ethernet connection is otherwise critical to your AV system, don't rely on the stock Ethernet cable that came with your gear. Step up to the superior materials and workmanship of Pangea Audio's Premier Ethernet Cable, designed by audio legend Jay Victor for excellent all-around performance.

Silver Coated Conductors
Unlike off-the-shelf Ethernet cables, Pangea's Premier Ethernet Cable boasts 26 AWG copper conductors coated with silver. "I have found silver plating is crucial to digital cable performance," reports Jay Victor, "and I use it in all my digital audio designs." Premier Ethernet Cable also goes the extra step by using low loss PE insulation. In addition to the individual shielding of each signal pair, as required by Cat 7 specs, Premier is triple shielded for maximum resistance to EMI and RFI.

When performance is important, choose the Ethernet cable that's specially designed for audiophile applications. Treat your system to Premier.

Technical Specifications

  • 26 AWG Silver Plated Copper Conductors
  • Low Loss PE Insulation
  • Individual Shielding on Each Signal Pair (required by Cat 7 Spec.)
  • Meets or Exceeds Currently Published Bandwidth Specs for Cat 7 & Cat 8
  • Triple Shielded for Maximum Resistance to EMI & RFI

Note: Cat 7 & Cat 8 standards have never been approved by ANSI and are thus not an officially approved standard. Connectors specifically for Cat 7 or Cat 8 have also never been approved. Cat 7 & Cat 8 require that all equipment and hardware in the system support a contiguous ground, or there will be no performance benefit to Cat 7/Cat 8 over previous standards such as Cat 6.