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Pangea Audio - AC-9 MKII - Power Cable with 20 Amp Plug (1 Meter)


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This version has a 20-amp IEC. If your equipment uses a 15-amp IEC, please see the PGAC9

Upgraded Power Cable Specifically Designed for High-Current Components
Pangea Audio's AC-9 high current power cable has been one of our bestsellers for years. And now this high performance, affordable cable gets a nice performance boost with the AC-9 MkII version, thanks to the addition of premium Cardas Grade One Copper. It's the affordable AC power cable of choice, for hi-fi and home theater amplifiers, powered subwoofers, and other high current AV components.

This version of the AC-9 MkII features a 20-amp DeathGrip™ IEC for use with high current gear that has a 20-amp IEC AC power inlet.

Despite its name, the AC-9 MkII isn't, in fact, a nine-gauge cable. It's actually a seven-gauge cable, which means it's even heftier than the nine-gauge! (The lower the gauge, the thicker the cable.) This difference is especially noticeable in the bass, where the AC-9 MkII outperforms power cables costing many times more.

"Quite Simply the Best Copper on the Planet"
The original version of AC-9 used 99.99% purity OFC copper conductors. The new MkII version goes a substantial step further, upgrading to a combination of OFC copper and no-compromise Cardas Grade One Copper, which George Cardas of Cardas Audio developed for his own premium cables.

George’s copper is mined in Arizona, then shipped to a New England factory where it is very S-L-O-W-L-Y drawn into conductors in a process that includes reduction annealing between steps to further purify and meld the copper into what George calls "the most amazing audio conductor I have ever experienced. It is quite simply the best copper on the planet."

"The bottom line is that the best phono cartridges manufactured in the world, the best transformer winders, and the best cable manufactures in the world are converting to this smooth sounding Cardas Grade One Copper," George reports.

"It is simply stunning how using a combination of space-age technology (reduction annealing) and ancient drawing process (diamond dies and a slow multi stage annealing) can result in such a refined product."

The combination of Cardas Grade One Copper and OFC copper conductors makes the AC-9 MkII an amazing component for the money, outperforming audiophile power cables that cost far more. So throw away the cheap, stock AC power cable that came with your AV component and make the easy, affordable upgrade to AC-9 MkII. It will bring out the best in your system.

Specifically Designed for High-current Gear
The AC-9 MkII has been designed specifically to deliver the high current needed by mono, stereo, and integrated power amplifiers. It's also ideal for powered subwoofers and makes a great choice for use with high-current-demanding line conditioners. Its combination of superior materials, advanced geometry, and noise-fighting shielding enhances the performance of connected components.

Because of their high-current requirements, power amps benefit from heavier gauge conductors than normal power cords offer. Although the AC-9 uses large-diameter conductors, it requires less shielding than power cables that are designed for use with source components. Therefore, the AC-9 offers greater flexibility than other heavy-duty power cables. That makes it kinder to your gear and easier to work with.

"You Don’t Always Have to Pay a Lot to Get a Lot"
"The AC-9 is a perfect example of the adage that you don’t always have to pay a lot to get a lot, notes Sean Fowler in his April 13, 2010 review of the original-model AC-9 for SonicFlare.com. "As I listen to the AC-9, I struggle to think of a time when I heard any other affordable power cord deliver such a natural presentation without committing some kind of damning caveat."

Superior Noise Rejection
The AC-9 MkII boasts conductors made from Cardas Grade One Copper and 99.99% purity OFC copper conductors for maximum conductivity. Its 7-AWG construction facilitates high-current power delivery, while its five-way multi-gauge geometry optimizes 50/60 Hz AC power.

Counter-spiraled conductors offer superior noise rejection. Double-shielded provides high-current noise isolation. The 24k gold-plated contacts offer superior electrical contact. Special two-shot molded connector bodies protect vital AC connections from oxidation and corrosion for long life.

DeathGrip™ IEC
One weak link in the power chain that is often overlooked is the IEC connector. We had found a good one for our Pangea cables. It had large contacts and gripped firmly. Then Jay Victor discovered another IEC connector with massive gold-plated contacts that gripped a component's IEC better than anything he had ever seen.

"It's like a death grip," reported Jay. "We need to use it on our high-end cables." We agreed with Jay, and the DeathGrip™ IEC was born.

Technical Specifications

  • Designed specifically to deliver the high-current power needed by audio amplifiers, powered subwoofers, and powerline conditioners
  • 20-amp DeathGrip™ IEC ONLY for use with high current gear that has a 20-amp IEC AC power inlet
  • 20-amp DeathGrip™ IEC with massive gold-plated contacts provides a solid, secure grip on component's IEC
  • No-compromise Cardas Grade One Copper and 99.99% purity OFC conductors for maximum conductivity
  • 7-AWG construction for optimized high-current power delivery
  • 5-way multi-gauge geometry for optimized 50/60 hz AC power
  • Counter-spiraled conductors for superior noise rejection
  • Double-shielded for optimized high-current noise isolation
  • 24k gold-plated contacts for superior electrical contact
  • Special two-shot molded connector bodies protect vital AC connections for maximum current delivery and long life

Q: Can I use the high-current AC-9 MkII power cable with my preamp, CD player or DAC?

A: Certainly! In some cases, the AC-9 MkII will offer a sonic improvement over the AC-14 when used with source-type components. There are many variables here that affect performance, including the nature of your power and the design of your source component. The best rule of thumb is to try it and see if you like the change. If you experience little of no improvement with the AC-9 and a particular source component, you can always switch back to the AC-14 cable.

Q: Since the AC-14 is designed for source components, like CD players and preamps, can I still use it for my integrated or stereo power amp?

A: Yes! Thanks to its 14-gauge construction, the AC-14 will deliver many times the current of the stock cable that came with your integrated amp. And with its superior shielding, the AC-14 power cable will deliver far cleaner power, too. So your music will sound cleaner. 

Note: Each Pangea cable is individually handmade to strict design specifications.